NDT Technicians PT. McDermott Indonesia

The biggest offshore OIL & GAS facility developer in Indonesia and one of the largest marine contractors in the world requires few proficient, efficient, and highly motivated Indonesian individuals for the following positions:
NDT Technicians
Essentials Job duties:
• Perform daily NDT activities (UT, MT & PT) for all ongoing projects in all shifts.
• Daily monitoring of NDT […]
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19 thoughts on “NDT Technicians PT. McDermott Indonesia

  1. Grey hutabarat

    my name is grey, i have UT level II and i have 2,5 year experience in PT.Mcdermott Indonesia as welder structure PT. Radiant Utama Interinsco Tbk. how i will send my CV to ur company?? thanx

  2. Amin Sugeng Wasono

    my name amin sugeng wasono.
    i have MT /PT lev II n sea survival certifikat
    experiences 1 year at yard n site (offshore:pipe line n platform,gts)
    my phone no 081386611178
    tanks for your atention

  3. Rio anugrah utama

    My nick name is rio, i have a certificate NDT UT, PT, and MT level 1. My NDT course in Bandung B4T, and I have a qualified technician training certificate from BBLKI Serang (Banten), majoring in industrial welding.
    My phone number is 08998618728, thank you for your attention.

  4. angga priyanto

    My nick name is angga priyanto, i have a certificate NDT MT / PT Level II. My NDT course in jakarta in mr.SAENAL ARAPI, and I have a qualified technician training certificate from PT.SEAPI, majoring in asistant MT/PT.
    My phone number is 085768050022, thank you for your attention.

  5. slamet riyanto

    My nick name is slamet riyanto, i have a certificate NDT UT, PT, and MT level 1. My NDT course in Bandung B4T,My phone number is 082145523297,thank you for your attention.



    Nama : Muhammad Fadhly
    Tempat Lahir : Padang
    Tanggal Lahir : 7 juli 1984
    Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
    Agama : Islam
    Kewarganegaraan : Indonesia
    Status perkawinan: Belum Menikah
    Alamat Domisili : RT 03 RW 04 No. 91y Ke.l Andalas,
    Kec. Padang timur, Kota Padang
    Kota Domisili : Padang
    No. TLP/HP :081363649007/0751-810195

    Pendidikan Nama Sekolah Kota Fakultas, Jurusan
    a.SD SDN 34 Tanah sirah Padang
    b.SMP SMPN 31 Padang Padang
    c.SMK SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Padang Padang
    d.Perguruan Tinggi Institut Teknologi Padang (ITP) Padang Teknik Mesin S1
    1. Certitifikate UT, MT. PT Level 1 di B4T
    Demikianlah curriculum vitae ini saya buat semoga dapat dipergunakan semestinya
    Hormat Saya

    Muhammad Fadhly, ST

  7. Yohanes Vandidy Limanov

    My name is Yohanes Vandidy Limanov, I had certified for MT/PT/UT examination ASNT, i have an experience for 2 years.
    and now i have no job, if you need me please call me at

  8. Abdi Parningotan Ambarita

    A. Data Pribadi
    Nama : Abdi Parningotan Ambarita
    Tempat/tgl lahir : Cilacap,14 Oktober 1990
    Jenis kelamin :Laki-laki
    Agama :Kristen
    Kewarganegaraan : Indonesia
    Status perkawinan :Lajang/Belum menikah
    Alamat :Perum.Bayur Permai A2.10 Gumilir, Cilacap, Jawa Tengah.
    No.telp/HP :082138496631
    Email : Abdhienemarata@yahoo.co.id
    B. Pendidikan Formal
    Pendidikan Nama Kota Kota Fakultas, Jurusan
    a. SD SDN 5 Gumilir Cilacap
    b. SMP N 5 Cilacap
    c. SMA Yos Sudarso Jur.IPA Cilacap
    C. Pendidikan Non Formal
    Sertifikat ASNT UT,MT,PT Level 1 di Balai Besar Bahan dan BArang Tehnik (B4T) Bandung
    Demikian curricullum vitae ini saya buat semoga dapat siperginakan dengan benar.
    Atas kerjasamanya saya ucapkan terima kasih.


    Dear sir,

    I am trying to explore an opportunity to join with your company, which need some new employee to fill in Technician position.

    My name is Eko Widianto, I am 25 years old male and single. I graduated from Diponegoro University, majoring in Naval Architecture Engineering. I can operate Auto Cad, Inventor, Solid Work, Abaqus, Ansys, Maxsurf and computer Numerically Controlled (CNC), Welding and Non destructive testing level II (ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing and magnetig testing).

    I have strong analytical thinking, ability to organize the team and problem solve, I have good communications and interpersonal skills. I am have good attitude, dynamic, good appearance and performance. I enjoy meeting people so I can work in a team as well as independently. I am a hard working person and I am capable to work under pressure. I am open to be positioned at any location in Indonesia or overseas if required.

    Trusting to be successful in my application, I am looking forward to your kindly reply. I have enclosed my CV, supporting documents and recent photograph. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    (my phone number +6281328599667)


    Eko Widianto

  10. Muchtar Sugiri

    Kp. Tangkolo RT 26/10 Desa Kabandungan
    HP : 081383564332
    Muchtar Sugiri

    I. Pendidikan
    1. SMPS Sekolah Menengah Pekerjaan Sosial Cibadak – Sukabumi 1991
    2. SMPN Cibadak-Sukabumi 1988
    3. SDN Cibadak-Sukabumi 1985

    II. Traning
    1. KLK (Kursus Latihan Kerja) 12 Juli – 24 Desember 1994 bersertifikat
    2. BPK (Badan Pendidikan Dan Platihan) 03 April – 09 Agustus 2007 bersertifikat
    3. Sertifikat Keterampilan Nasional

    III. Kompetensi
    Transkrip Kompetensi 31 Agustus 2007
    1. Dasar Ilmu Listrik
    2. Komponen-komponen Elektronica Aktif dan Pasif
    3. Alat ukur ( Osciloscope, Avo Analog dan Digital)
    4. Teknik Penyolderan

    IV. Pengalaman Kerja
    1. Tahun : 05 Juni – 31 AGUSTUS 2006
    Jabatan : Electrical Technician
    Kerjasama dengan PT ABB
    2. Tahun : 08 Juni 1995 – 1 juni 1998
    : Jabat Electrikal Technician
    Tahun : 01 Jun – 31 juli 2010
    Jabatan : Electrical Technician
    Kerjasama dengan PT FUJI ELECTRIC

    Demikian Daftar Riwayat Hidup ini saya buat dengan sebenar-benarnya dan atas parhatian Bapak, saya ucapkan terima kasih.

    Sukabu,31 Mei 2012
    Hormat saya

    Muchtar Sugiri

  11. martin

    Dumai, Oct 11 2012

    To :
    Human Resource Department (HRD)
    In office

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Concerning several position in your company, I would to apply for a QC staff . I have final projected with the title “Analisa kinerja take off dan landing pesawat ATR 72-500”. I would be grateful if you considered me as a serious applicant and I am ready to follow your program and standardization with any other consequences. I am 26 years, height 168, weight 69 kg and good health. I will to work hard and capable of learning new thing. If your company has a will to give the opportunity for me, I believe that I can give my best support to your company operation.

    Thanks you for kind attention and consederation, I am looking forward to working in your company.

    Sincerely Yours

    Martin Purba ST

  12. M.Darmawan

    I am Muhamad Darmawan, Male 46 YO, working with NOV Tuboscope base in Jakarta since 1990 – present, Holding UT, MT & PT Lv.II ASNT, Now I am working in Papua New Guinea for Horizon Oil, Talisman Energy, Parker Drilling, Oil Search Limited and Exxon Mobil

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Thanks n regards
    +62 811934962


    kp.pasir awi rt.14 rw.04
    desa. palasarigirang kec. kalapanunggal
    memiliki sertifikat NDT LEVEL 2 MT.PT.

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