Marketing Assistant Manager PT. DPS Indonesia

PT. DPS Indonesia Company is subsidiary of PETROCHINA Daging Oilfield Company Limited; its main business involves petroleum engineering technical services deals with Oil and gas Exploration Technology, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Production Technology and other fields.

Now the company has rooted in the market of petroleum technical services in Indonesia to support our expanding marketing operation in, we require a best talented candidate for significant position as Marketing Assistant Manager

Job Description
1.    collect the information about tendering and bidding in the market of Indonesian petroleum technical services and submit information repots in English to the General Manager
2.    participate in the whole commercial process of DPS for tendering and bidding and prepare necessary business documents
3.    actively cooperate with market development managers of other projects, beside consolidating current market, develop new market and coordinate to complete other business work
4.    ability to coordinate with Indonesian government, major petroleum companies especially with petroleum department and search for business opportunity
5.    Ability to communicate and corporate with the agent company. Under the instruction of General Manager, keep good term with agent company
6.    ability to organize the implement project for presentation of the whole company product

Recruitment Condition
1.    male at the age max 40 in perfect health
2.    bachelor degree at least and can use English fluently
3.    familiar with business process and rules regarding tendering and bidding for petroleum projects and some relative laws and regulations as well
4.    know some basic knowledge on petroleum technical services industry
5.    more than 5 years working experience in the field of Indonesian petroleum technical service
6.    good communication and relationship with Indonesian official petroleum departments and the major oil companies as well
7.    working salary and other welfares discussed in the interview

Send your application to not later than December 8th, 2007

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