Accounting Staff PT Macroprima Panganutama

Group of companies in food & beverage industry such as frozen convenience food (Kanzler, So Lite, Besto. etc), dairy products (Cimory fresh milk, Cimory Yoghurt Drink) and family restaurant (Cimory Resto).
Finance & Accounting Staff
– Male/Female max. 30 years old
– Min. Bachelor degree in accounting with min. GPA 2.8
– Computer literate, esp. Microsoft Office
– Having knowledge […]
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2 thoughts on “Accounting Staff PT Macroprima Panganutama

  1. richard

    Saya ingin menawarkan daging sapi giling (frozen).
    Expired 2017.
    Sertifikasi HALAL
    Stock 40 ton.
    Min order 1 ton.
    Harga Rp. 30.000/kg.

    Hubungi :
    WA : 085 7769 11066
    Bbm : 528B26C2

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